Primobolan is a completely unique steroid

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Primobolan Depot (Methenolon Enantat)

Active substance metenolone antagonist

The most striking difference between the two primos is that they are the injection and enantate form of the active ingredient. By means of this supplementary enantate, this prepattern receives the epithelium depot. The pleasant thing about this depot form is the injection only once a week. Steroid novices can be treated with quite small amounts of 200 mg. Achieve remarkable results, ie up to 6kg in 7 – 8 weeks increase, which remain largely after the settling remain.


A very effective combination is said to come from 200mg Primo D d.W. With 30mg of D-bol p.T. Advanced can increase to 400mg Primo. This stack is packed with mass and power. Since Primobolan is said to be easily tolerated for a long period of time because of its mild character, it would be a worthwhile alternative to discontinue the D-bols after 6 weeks and to migrate to Winstrol Depot. Experienced users can enjoy the Winnies every day. Simultaneous administration of two HCG 5000iE and Dyneric in the week of the transition from D-bol to Winstrol increases the effectiveness by a multiple.


The prerequisite for this is, however, damn hard training, a super nutrition and a sufficient recovery. For the first six weeks, you should make pure mass training and then switch to six days a week, and you look like never before. Afterwards, however, a little moderation is announced, otherwise you train your muscles properly. Three days a week of medium-weight training for the next six weeks would be appropriate. To put it down, you only need clenbuterol, since both steroids are very mild – the combination should bring it.

Primobolan Depot is not a “weak” steroid

For those who want a mild steroid cycle, perhaps the best high-performance agent that can be combined with Primobolan is no other anabolic steroid but HCG in a total dosage of about 1500 IU per week. From HCG, for example, 200 IU per day, 400 IU every second day or 500 IU three times a week. This typically achieves testosterone levels that are within the high normal range, maintaining normal estrogen levels, thereby enhancing the efficacy of primobolan while also minimizing androgen-related side effects. Such use is comparable to an injection of 100 mg of testosterone per week so that 500 mg of primobolan per week can be considered in combination with the amount of HCG described as being comparable to the use of a total of 600 mg of anabolic steroids per week.

For those who want to minimize the effects on hair and skin, the use of this amount of HCG could be too high. Since moderate testosterone levels are desirable in such cases, HCG dosage should be reduced to only 700 to 750 IU per week. In addition, the amount of Primobolan used should not exceed 400 mg per week, as Primobolan already has effects on the hair and the skin.

Primobolan und Trenbolone

An alternative situation, which is not often seen, is a trenbolone-based steroid cycle in which, instead of using relatively high doses of trenbolone, the dose of this agent is limited and another non-aromatizing steroid is used to support the trenbolone. This combination can be milder with regard to side effects, while at least with regard to anabolism, it can be as effective as the use of higher trenbolone doses. Even if Masteron is a more cost-effective choice for this purpose, Primobolan will work well in this situation.

Side effects:

  • Headache
  • Hair growth on the body
  • Prostate growth
  • Negative effect on the blood fat values
  • In women: masculinization due to clitoral growth, beard growth and vocalization
  • In adolescents who are not older: premature closure of the growth gaps, which leads to a halt in the growth of the length


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